The Naked Truth Behind Feminism


Sipping over my cup of coffee, I planned to pen down my pro-long thoughts! Running my fingers down through news feeds and social media, I can see women fulminating about how they want to emancipate themselves, how they ought to make a difference, how all the women around need to be a MAN of their own kind and yet to be called “The Mighty Women”, “The IT girl” or “The Women of Substance”! Well, there’s nothing bad about it. But what’s immensely crippling about this is the matter of fact that how the fight for “Feminism” has been taken up to a level of slogans and banners! At this stage you must be having line of thoughts like, “banners? And crippling? HOW?”-I’ll give you my juvenile philosophy on this, right here!

It was all rainbows and butterflies for me until the topsy-turvy feminism of our country was taken down to banners and screams on the top of their throats saying, “Khana khud garam kar lo” (warm your food yourself). The statement seems miniscule but it doesn’t stay that way when intellectual ladies of today’s era perceive it as the Fourth Wave of Feminism, as a precedent of Women Empowerment or portraying household chores such as cooking or heating up food as something subservient (What.a.puffery, istg!). I know, at this point a lot of feminists would bash over… probably shut the blog and continue pulling up the same banners but oh well, I’d still write my heart out. I can’t convince everyone but I can somehow manage to prove that why the “khana khud garam kar lo” campaigns will remain as a hot-topic on social media for people to hit likes and for feminists to feel good O.N.L.Y!

I skimmed through tonnes of journals and books on what is feminism in reality, read views on equality v/s equity and after going nuts to find male authors talking about feminism, there was nothing that still made me feel like holding a banner saying, “khana khud garam kar lo”. That’s because the real essence of feminism is about demanding basic rights for every women. If you’re a feminist, did you ever wonder of campaigns like “educate every girl”, “we stand against killing infant girls”, “we stand against wage discrimination”, “let women vote”… but I’m sure this barely got hyped-up on social media.

Drifting towards how I justify the articulation above; I merely know how profound I could be in this world of renowned feminists but i can surely spawn to agglomerate my infant thoughts for you all. Did you guess where we lack when talking about feminism?  We lack in practicality… we lack in implementation!

It’s true that in menial societies like ours, women are beaten up for food and domestic violence has become run-on-the-mill. Proclaiming ourselves as feminists is pretty orthodoxical and holding a couple of catchy banners won’t make a difference for even a single women whose a victim of what we’re tryna fix! Tell me if these feminists out here on the streets holding “khana khud garam kar lo” ever went to a government school to teach a girl, rather than making the nation realize that a man should warm his food himself? Tell me if these women haven’t seen their happy mom warming-up the food for their dad who came late from work? OR tell me that these feminists won’t do it for their husband, out of love and care? Wouldn’t they? My dear feminist fellows, justify these banners only when you think that the unconditional care to serve a man with food doesn’t come under your own umbrella’s too and justify them when you’re the one getting bread and butter for the family, while the man is than obliged to cook n serve! Why don’t you go and earn for your lavish salon expenses yourselves? Why don’t you work your ass off for those #shoptillyoudrop hashtags that you put up on social media? If you actually wish to represent the women who go through domestic violence for the sake of food, DO SOMETHING PRACTICAL and be the women who improves another women.

While authors like Nancy Julia say that biology is also a social construct, I firmly believe that women are biologically different; no theories or forces in this world can actually finish the difference in the XX chromosomes of a women and XY chromosome of a man! Though, comparing men and women is like comparing apples and oranges but we need to be a little lionhearted to accept that men are  methodical while women are biologically more nurturing and emotional, thus it’s unfair to lionize a women on the fact that her tasks are a so-called SOCIAL CONSTRUCT! Their tasks are on the basis of traits they have got! It doesn’t mean that women won’t fit into the career related tasks but men are more stable and sceptical to deal with every day work hogwash rather than cooking in the house on daily basis, SIMPLE.AS.THAT!

For those who say there are no differences between a man and women and all the differences that we have are social constructs; here’s a thing! God has created this universe in a balance and demanding to finish the differences is like trying to disrupt the balance! We’re in this world for specific purposes; our roles are understood and pre-defined like they were for the women in the history! There are women who have had a career and yet managed to prepare a meal for their family… and guess what? This has never hurt a women’s ego or fed a man’s ego!

YES! We’re the multi-talented queens of this era BUT surely not a MAN! Rather than being “as good as a man”, let’s be a women who can be set apart as a role model. Be it male or female, we all need love, respect and equity in return of what we’re meant to do. We, as women need to valorise our status by making other women grow in practical ways (not by holding futile banners). If we do so, we’ll celebrate success of millions of women who do not only take responsibility of putting meals for their family on the table, proudly but will also help the men in their life to grow and love unconditionally! And that’s when they’ll deserve to be called the WOMEN OF SUBSTANCE.

After all what I have said, you must be wondering that I’m not a feminist… some might say I’m a partial feminist. But there’s one thing that I have learned from one of the mentors in my life; unfortunately, the problem in this world is the “IST”- Communist, Socialist, Capitalist, Islamist, Sexist or Feminist! Rather than the IST’s if we could just be HUMANS who could love, respect and care unconditionally regardless of factors like gender, this world can surely be a peaceful place to live in, where differences on’t matter and where every human will be happy with his/her roles! Thus, I am just a human, striving in this world to be a better person!

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FEAR? You’re damn well familiar with this panic filled emotion. You know how your heart ponders and yours words quaver in certain fearful situations. It’s all the fear that you have groaning inside yourself. This word seems minuscule… something very minute but it’s not. It has huge impacts on our lives and has been affecting millions of people, mentally and physically across the globe.

Fear is a primitive human emotion and a vital response concerned with our everyday life. The biochemical impacts of it are universal, however, the behavioural aspects or anxieties related to fear may vary from one individual to another. What makes fear a great concern are the responses that are followed with it. From huge psychological impacts to howling emotional affects, fear has massive influence on us.

Why do we have fears, is still a matter of great concern. Psychologists relate traumas and personal experiences as causative agents of fear. These fears may be as little as that from insects and as big as that from public appearances. The extent of fears may be such that we may fear situations that are far from our life or death, as a result of which, we may end up hanging back from a lot of choices that we would have made if those fears didn’t exist.

We’re fond of hiding our fear, anxieties and phobias. We’re recommended to keep our fears hidden, regardless of how suffocating it could be to live with them! It wouldn’t be an awry to mention that in a world like todays, we’re often prescribed to hide our fears… but we’re never taught to kill them, to bury them, to expose them and to get over them! And that is what could make the vicious cycle of fears even more potent to agitate you… you keep them, hide them and live with them!

Today, I take this brave step to mention my fears because I’ve either survived through them, I’ve learned to make use of them or they no longer exist in my life. Here it is…



This might sound something infinitesimal to you but trust me it’s a very powerful thing. You fear losing people when you love them, when they have a part of you and you get so used to of their existence that you can barely imagine them being away. This fear is potent enough to immobilize you… But all you need to remember is the fact that fear is immobilizing BUT love is energizing. Know that you’re not losing people who are energized by your love and affection… You’re not losing people who try to bring a spell of harmony and joy in your life. Remember that those are the people to keep. Believe on those people… believe on your love or efforts and get past your fear of losing them. Be sure about the fact that time would eventually filter away only those people who weren’t worthy enough for you to keep.




At some stage in life, I have realized that the things I have feared the most with respect to failures, become the ones that I would take as challenges. I would enjoy them to the max, then create a milestone of passing them with flying colours and thank my fear for making me go an extra mile to achieve something! For people who might have this fear, I would say take things as a challenge… worry less about if you CAN or CANNOT DO it because you should simply not give such an option to yourself which consists of a “CANNOT”. You can and you will, once you know this either you get over your fear or this fear’s gonna make you do wonders at every step since you’d put in more efforts than usual!


download (1)

(let me laugh a little on it but oh well it exists). For people who have a fear like this, I would say, trust your intuition because there’s nothing more worthy than your intuition. Make your decisions based on how a person can make you feel and select someone who can make the moments feel evergreen!



I don’t, but many people out there do have this fear! Those who are a victim of this fear might try to convince people. They would gradually start to live their lives in someone else’s way and end up with a topsy-turvy mess out of life. Just commemorate on the fact that when you convince people, you’re at a chance of losing your own identity. There’s nothing more precious for a person than maintaining his/her aura of being REAL and authentic in a distinct way. Believe in what you do, have faith in your plans… in your dreams and wait for the magic to happen. If you do so, I’m sure that judgemental remarks won’t make a difference in your life.

Concluding that tad-bit I got on your way about fears, I would just like to utter that fears are a natural part of your life. It’s okay to have fears, it’s okay to feel that you just want to get away from certain situations… because it’s so natural, right? There’s no unusual muddle about having fears because at the end it’s all about how much you believe on yourself, how willing you are to learn to get over your fears and how you wish to find paths to move on for yourself. This world is too beautiful for you to confine yourself up to certain boundaries and you’ll be successfully living in this beautiful world if you find roadways to drive through the avenues of fear!


-Afshan Farooq


Review on “Racing Extinction.”

In the 21st century the world has become a global village. People have moved towards industrialization and modernization, taking over the care of nature which is causing various kinds of destruction’s. We lack in realizing that little things across the globe, serve major purposes of human life. However, various films and documentaries have been released to bring nature and its miracles into limelight and Racing Extinction is one of its best examples.

“Racing Extinction”:
Racing Extinction is a masterpiece based on anthropological mass extinction, directed by Louie Psihoyos. It is powered by Okeanos- foundation for sea and Discovery. I feel out of words to describe how amazingly the thoughts on animal extinction have been brought into attention. This movie is based on the thought that mankind is causing mass extinction and is even over-looking the factors which are resulting in it. It has an essence of inspiring its audience with a notion that this world is not only what we see from our two eyes and two ears but this world is far beyond our imaginations. Psihoyos purpose was to direct this movie in such a way that it gives audience a vision of the hidden world. The movie made me feel that there literally is a hidden world out there which has been beyond my realization since long and the idea of this movie wants me to see that hidden world as an audience. This realization certainly marks the success of this movie.

The movie starts with a scene in restaurant where whales are cooked at a massive scale. Later, due to protests against selling whale meat, the restaurant was shut down. The team believed that to fix extinction we need to go to different places and look at it in depth. Later, the investigation was taken to another level in Guangzhou, China where the entire team went to a market where wildlife animals were illegally traded for purpose of dry sea food, medicines and much more. They went with spy cameras and changed their identities to seafood sellers who want to start up a business by trading wildlife. The most interesting moment in the movie was when the vendor showed some worms to the team who were illegally captivated from their habitats and they weren’t any ordinary worms. Those worms were worth 44800 Dollars per kilo and that also in whole-sale! The vendor also believed that there’s nothing wrong in trading wildlife and hence he showed some sharks as well to the team. He stated that every bit of sharks can be sold as money and it’s a big business for him. It made me realize that how shamelessly one living thing can kill another living thing for the sake of money. The movie explains tons of drawbacks of such businesses through facts and figures coming up from experts. Dr.Michael Naveek, curator of palaeontology, stated that we are likely of losing around 50% of species in 100 years. Another expert in the movie, Dr.Stuart Pim stated that naturally 1 million species should expire naturally. However, it’s going to be thousand times faster than it should be in the upcoming years.

If I am asked to tell you about the most interesting and amazing part of this movie, it’s when the team fixed under water digital sound recorders to hear a whale sing. I honestly replayed the whale singing thrice since it was extremely fascinating and enthralling. Later, the movie shows a museum of repository range of sounds which can no more be heard as the species are now extinct. This museum is regarded as living example of masses of rate of extinction across the globe. Here, the narrator beautifully describes the idea that the whole world is singing but we’ve stopped listening. We need to explore those voices and listen to those enchanting sounds. The movie has so much beauty to be discussed that I cannot miss out how an underwater diver explains his affection that he developed with a Manta Ray fish by removing a hook from her neck. I cannot explain in words, the emotions in his narration while he saved the Manta Ray.

After tremendous stories of mass extinction, the team experts discuss that in five major mass extinctions we can see one common trend that is increasing levels of carbon dioxide, 3% of which is absorbed by oceans making carbonic acid that destructs the marine life. It explains that we need to control the level of carbon dioxide to stop extinction of marine species.

The cast and crew of Racing Extinction certainly believe that we can save the creatures only if we show their beauty and importance to people. A potential message that this movie gives to its audience is that we have millions of things beyond our sight and if we can’t do anything good for them we must also not do things to vanish them. Hence, activities like illegal trade of wildlife and hunting should be banned, and global warming should be controlled to overcome mass extinction. Racing extinction is a package of information and entertainment, hence I strongly recommend it.

Anastasia Beverly Hills- Contour Cream Kit. 

Anastasia Beverly Hills- Certainly a brand which every girl would love to see on her dressing table. Can’t doubt that it makes my dresser more appealing and attractive for everyone who looks at it.. afterall it’s Anastasia Bruhh! 

From their brow gels to their contour kit, every product is considered ‘to die for’. Hence, a few months ago i tried an extremely demanding and popular product of this brand; ANASTASIA BEVERLY HILLS KIT DE CRÈMES CONTOUR. 

Let me first guide you about the shades it contains. 

Don’t mind my finger prints on the kit :p

So this black beauty (in light) contains six shades; banana, vanilla, cool pink, cream, nude and cinnamon. The review begins with an important point that banana, nude and cinnamon are the most useful shades of all.

I use the shade ‘banana’ above my concealer. I apply it underneath my eyes in triangular shape and than blend it with damp beauty blender. This gives an ‘awake’ and fresh look! 

The second best are cinnamon and nude which are my two most essential shades for contour. I personally do not prefer too brown or orange contouring, so i mix cinnamon and nude. It can even give a nice ‘non-tour’ or a less contour look. I prefer non-tour more than proper contouring therefore mixing these two shades is a must for me.

Coming to the shade ‘cream’. I honestly had no idea in the beginning about what i should be doing with this shade. So here’s a tip for you. Mix a bit of prep and prime or argan oil to this shade and your anastasia foundation is on the go! I mix my very favourite MAC fix plus with this shade and dab the mixture on my face. I do it only because this shade goes really well with my skin tone and i only do it when i’m in need of some extra coverage which i do not require on daily basis. So make sure this shade matches your skin tone and than try this if you’re high on make up any night. 

You can use ‘vanilla’ shade to mix with cinnamon. That’s one of my least used shades though. 

Than comes the shade ‘cool pink’. It works as a really nice and natural looking blush. Gives a pretty pink highlighted look to your cheeks and compliments the brown contour really well. You can even pump-up its colour by using a powder blush. I use the cool pink shade from the kit with MAC B55 in Melba (Matte). 

They aren’t as brown as they look in the picture!

This is all about the shades it contain and now comes the real review:

1. BLEND, BLEND, BLEND! This kit should be used by those who have extraordinary blending skills. For those who can not blend without removing the product from skin or those who do not have time to blend, must not play with the product. Instead of this, powder contour kit can be used. This kit is not easy to blend.

2. DOUBLE CHIN? If you have a double chin and you think this or any contour kit will make a difference, trust me IT WON’T. In this case, i consider contour more like a fantasy. 

3. USE SETTING POWDER. This kit needs a lot of setting powder on your face after use. Even for little nose contour, its not gonna work well without setting powder. I use ‘NYX set it & don’t fret it, Matte Finishing Powder’ and it works the best ever! 

4. MAKE IT MORE CREAMY. I don’t know why but i think it should be more creamier like the stick foundations they have. 

5. RATINGS? It’s OVER-RATED, i swear. 

6. PERFECT for professional use or best when you need heavy and prominent contour look.

7. NOSE: it does the best nose contour and that’s the reason why i love it even after a few flaws. 

8. STAY. Stays for 12 hours if you use it with setting powder. 

9. TOUCH-UP. Once done properly it doesn’t need frequent touch-ups. 

That’s how i found this product. I can’t deny that it feels a pleasure having it on my dressing table HA.HA. In the comments below, let me know what you feel about the review and this product!
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Take my heart away…

Take my heart away … a story of departed souls. 

Image result for TAKE MY HEART AWAY


I was passing by the striking winds and thundery storm. My hands and legs were trembling, yet moved across the empty paths, dragging my frozen foot with thin slippers that were surely not something that supported heavy rain. With my black woolen shawl wrapped around me, I managed to march on and on in the spine-chilling wind with my lips and ears almost numb. There was something good about the rain, it was hiding my tears which fell with the speed same as that of pouring rain.. and I knew that they’ll keep flowing down my cheeks forever. It was not only a thundery storm, it was a thundery life.


Murmuring these words, I moved on at the top of the valley towards the cave. I had no one to go to and no one to seek shelter from. I was alone and I had nothing left with me. All I ever had, was his love, my trust on him and how much I used to care for him. I was left with our memories… the memories in which I tried to bring him the world.


I whispered to myself and kept moving on while tears flowed down my cheeks, with no destination at all. He made me whole from bits and broke me down into bits himself. I didn’t know if I should still expect him to come back to me, if I could ask him not to betray my love or if I should ever try again to win him. I knew, either I will die or I will live like someone dead because it was simply impossible to forget him, even after all what happened. That’s how brutally my love treated me and how my efforts to make him happy were totally worth-less.

Despite the heavy rain showers, I ran out of my workplace after reading what he wrote to me from Venice. This was how I lost my mind that day and walked off absurdly just to take my heart away… somewhere far away.


 A year before pouring rain

  1. Pearls.

We stood up by a huge bushy tree at the Melissa Garden, which was also the place where we met for the first time. I looked into his deep crystal clear eyes in which I saw my entire world. The sunlight was hitting his fair complexion, reflecting back a beautiful golden radiance on me. I felt protected standing beside his broad shoulders and sheltered under the tall shadows of his up-right posture.

We talked for long and decided that he must go to Venice to find a job. Our little village had fewer opportunities. But it wasn’t easy to go; it needed a lot of money which we didn’t have. An idea break-through my mind and I muttered immediately,

“You’re going to Venice and this is it.”

He asked me in confusion how that’s possible

“I am selling my ground water pearls. We’ll get enough money for you to travel to Venice since you have some savings too”, I said. 

We had arguments. He told me not to do this since those pearls were the last thing given to me by my grand-parents. However, I tried to convince him,

“See.. what you have is mine and what I have is yours. If you want to make me happy, just take it. These pearls aren’t as precious as you and your happiness”, I said while looking into his sparkling brown eyes.

“Don’t do this much for me. I swear, don’t… “, he said.

“You better not argue, I know I’ll win anyhow”, I continued after noticing his expressions which said a no to what I requested.


Next week he left for Venice. I waved him off at the station with a heavy heart and tears in my eyes but I knew he is mine and he will come back. The last words he said to me still whirl around my head,

“I love you cookie, I love you so much”

“I love you more, my charming. I will see you soon..”, I said with a shaky voice.

With these words we both moved on to our ways alone.We wrote letters to each other. He kept calling on the phone booth nearby. We talked less, couldn’t see each other daily but I knew he’s there, right there in my heart.



Am I Discussed?? 

‘What would they think?’

‘What will the people say?’ 

‘What if they find out i did this and that…’ 

‘What if they get to know i failed?’ 

‘What if they start thinking i’m a bad person?’ 

‘What if they say i’m a looser?’ 
‘WHAT IF’ … ‘WHAT IF’ …??? 

So many ‘what if’s’ in our life, isn’t it? Every night you scrutinize a couple of things and one of them is about what people around would think about you and what they talk about you. Statements above seem little, no? They aren’t little my friend, they aren’t little. Every day thousands of dreams die because of the statement ‘what would the people say’, every day millions of people are demotivated just because of the statement ‘what if they find out i failed?’, every day billions of hearts loose the power to love just because they might have heard the statement ‘people hate you’ or ‘they talk behind your back’. 

While talking to one of my friends last night i thought of a very important topic that is around us all the time and you or i probably have been a victim of it too. Here’s what my friend said, 

“Don’t worry about people who talk behind your back, they’re behind you for a reason. They do it because they are actually behind you”. 




At some point in life this topic has eaten up the peace of your mind like thermite-ic decay. Malicious statements from several people have stressed you out someday to a crucial extent. The questions that arise in my mind are that WHY does one become center of discussion for others? WHY do people discuss? WHY do they gossip and most importantly WHY does it effect us so much? 

When it comes to people… It’s simple to figure out that why do they do it. They do it because ‘they aren’t you’, ‘they can’t be you’ and because of another lucid logic that ‘they are ‘PEOPLE‘ and people are meant to talk’. It’s their job and they’re doing it! They find you important enough to be discussed. This does not only lowlight their inner sense of jealousy but also makes them spend time in a manner which makes them happy, gives them a reason to laugh and also makes it possible for them to spend time in some way. So if you are being discussed, BE HAPPY. You made someone feel good, you gave them a reason to spend time and you’re becoming popular in people HA.HA. 😈🎭. 

Gossipmongers may gossip about your life either because they aren’t satisfied with their own life or because they don’t have what you have. Sad but true, that this is how the universe works. You and i may be a part of such a clan? Maybe. 

best way to deal with gossipmongers: PLEASE IGNORE THEM.

Your life becomes topsy-turvy and even depressing when tittle-tattles from these scandalmongers begin to ‘hurt’ you. Sorrowful tid-bits and back bites about yourself do come in front of you, at times from your beloved ones and at times from people whom you barely know, yet they judge you… And that is the point which effects you. In return, either you stop dreaming, stop working for your aims, stop caring, stop loving or simply die deep down inside with your inner sorrows and hurtful feelings. 


It’s your job to screw those tattle-tales and dopplegangers out of your life. What people say should not make you feel like you’ve been loosing something, it should not distress you nor shall it make you feel that you are bad or you don’t deserve what you have got, just because people around aren’t happy with it. Time to stop ‘i listen to people‘ game. 


People who are being discussed or are being a victim of back-biting need to stay strong. They need to understand the fact that no matter how much they try, no matter how much efforts they put in, they can never .. NEVER ..  keep each and every person happy and satisfied around them. It’s true that ‘people’ do make stories and tales out of little things but honestly, THIS.IS.WHAT.PEOPLE.ARE.SUPPOSED.TO.DO. 

We need to understand that not everyone’s real and not everyone knows the worth of being real. Not everyone will support you in what you do and not everyone will be happy with your success. BITTER REALITY❓Yeah! All you need to do is to keep your life happy by knowing that you do have people by your side who support you and who don’t judge you on little things, be it your family or friends who may be less in quantity but better in quality. We need to keep our circles small and open up less to each being around us to save ourselves from all the tattle-tales and gossips that people may do behind our backs .

This world is a honey comb maze and people inside are the maze barriers. Listen to your heart, work according to your positive vibes and keep working for what you want to achieve. The day you start doing this, you will break all the barriers which are created by people from their spitefully poisonous talks. 


Until we meet again…

You’re around me… but you’re yet so far away from me. 
Your voice is somewhere deep down the oceans. It’s echoing around me after reflecting back from the deepest of the seas. Still seems like i haven’t heard you for a century. 

And our heart wrecking memories … They are yet living in the ever-green forests. They aren’t blur, my friend. They seem like yesterday. But you know? They hurt. They shatter my soul into bits. The pain harrows around me. 

For months i was in distress. I was under the darkest clouds that came over after you went. I cried when your picture came infront of me, spoke to people whom you were close to, went to the places we sat together with all our friends. But it never … NEVER felt the same. We all ended up having quavering lips and a heavy heart.

The rain showers were no more the same… They didn’t even bring me back our favourite moonsoon songs, neither did the rainy morning break-fasts come back. 

Even the sunny days aren’t the same. Sunny days were good when there were you, me and badminton. The sunshine sparkled in my eyes with happiness when you were around. The same sunshine has now turned into scorching heat that hits my eyes… That hits my eyes to bring back the tears you never wanted to see. 

You made me your strong friend… You wanted to see me as a friend who doesn’t cries over her results, a friend that you always wanted to see happy with whatever she’s doing, a friend whom you wanted to see succeeding and winning. You wanted to see me fulfilling all my dreams and living every bit of my life with all the possible zeal and enthusiasm. You’re successful, my friend. You’re very successful. I’m living all of it now but never imagined it without you. 

I swear i miss you more than the extent i bugged you in school. There’s a lot to share, there’s a lot to command as your best friend and there’s a lot to fight over little things. But you aren’t there. My heart never agrees but i have to know that you won’t listen.

I didn’t even say a final good bye. You went, you left, you disappeared in a glance. The tear drops flow down my cheeks with glimpses of our precious memories, both being on my eyelids, always, when i think of you. 
You’re around me… but you’re yet so far away from me..
-In memories of my best friend who passed away. 
Note: this may be writers imagination or reality.

The Perfect Picture.

‘The perfect man’ ,
‘the perfect girl’ ,
‘he/she is just made for me’ ,
‘here comes my dream girl’ or
‘there goes my prince charming’…

You’ve heard such utterances, no? If not in reality than in movies, right? You do scrutinize about a handful of things every night and these lines must have been a part of it atleast once so far. I was wondering about millions of such dialogues and planned to blog-up a few thoughts and reviews on how you and i imagine our perfect kindred soul mates (who may turn out to be the dopplegangers in our life sooner or later :p ).

They certainly may or may not be perfect but it’s just the beauty of love in your eyes that makes them strikingly dreamy, mythically magical and spellboundly mesmerizing. Isn’t it? Well stop blushing HA.HA

I initially wanted to write about how i wanted my prince charming to be (whose yet not seen in reality) but than i found it too cheesy to write an entire blog on my imaginations. Hence, I asked a few close friends about how they picturize their to-be life companions and here’s what i got to know:

1. ‘ i want him to be extremely caring. He should be taller than me’ .
You go girl! I hope you find your caring ladder very soon 😛 !

2. Here’s a small part of what a girl told me about her perfect imaginary soul mate: ‘He should be easy going, loyal, hardworking and determined.’
i asked her if she wants a guy or a ‘mazdoor’? Here’s what she said:
‘No man, hardworking as in self-made you know, i don’t want a richy rich who has never worked hard and is a lazy ass.’
Well, richy rich isn’t a bad option but i second you bestie!

status: single. VERY HARDWORKING.

3. ‘I want her to be mine only.’
Young man, sounds reasonable but don’t be insecure 😛


4. ‘I love food and she must be able to make good food.’
Let me tell tou Chef Rahat isn’t single, yet you can try!


5. ‘He should understand me. When i say ‘no’ , he should yet be able to find out if i’m thinking about a ‘yes’ for something. Just unspoken understanding, you know ?’
I know! Hope you find a guy who understands a silent radio, BOOM! #whysocomplicated?


6. The funniest moment when a guy goes like, ‘She must understand that i don’t like shopping and i can’t tolerate it.’
Well, rude but fair enough that if that’s the case, stay single Scooby! #noshoppingnogirl


7. ‘She must have green eyes’- A guy with a smile coming from the bottom of his heart. Amigo, i need to be Sherlock and find out who she is!

8. ‘He must sing for me’.

Hope you get your Pitbull soon. Xx


9. ‘He should keep a maid, a driver and a cook because i don’t like to work at all’. Girl, why the hell are you being burden on this Earth? #Likewhy?

when girls be like, “i’m a princess, i don’t work”

10. ‘He should know i like my stuff toys and i’m not leaving them even after marriage’. Well, did you ever take Mr.Bean into consideration? 🙈

11. ‘I’m obsessed with Arab guys! He should have those enchanting and charming Arab features.’

Let me blush on that note because that is none other than me hehe. AND that is just a single whimsical imagination from my long never-ending list.

Marhaba nisa! Wanna be my 7th wife?

You see how you and i are a part of ‘perfect imagination clan’ ? When you find your desired one, you may see him/her just as perfect as your imaginations. One may not be perfect for others, but for ‘you’ he/she may be the most perfect imaginary picture who turned out into reality, why? Because you will be ‘living’ your life perfectly with all the imperfections in each other. I haven’t fallen in love yet but i can assure that it is love when you see the perfect state of each imperfection and this applies to every single relation in this world. Relationships are beautified only when you accept their imperfections and love them as perfectly as possible.

”Oh, Do You Like Her?”

Your conversations with your best friend or maybe just a friend are probably one of the most interesting ones in which i would like to sneak in to. You two may have gossips about the most cunning girl in your class to the hottest guys around. Your conversations, atleast once, must have had a lilliputian statement, “ugh i don’t like him/her. Do you?” 
This is the commonest of questions that i have ever experienced with most of my friends. This question might just seem miniscule but has great worth in my perception as in its reply you actually give your views about somebody and sadly you might say that you ‘dislike‘ a person. Despite the fact that you may or even may NOT know that person very well.It’s all a game of prejudices that we play at an unconcious level. This question might be thrown-up on you at your university’s cafeteria while enjoying your meal to your university’s washroom (the place where most girls conduct their gossip sessions). Imagine fixing your make-up and all of a sudden your friend goes like, “i don’t like that girl, you don’t like her too, right? Right? Right? And than you should say “WRONG” but unfortunately that’s mostly not the case. 

The question that always arises in my mind is that “who” has given us the right to dislike someone, hate someone or disrespect someone? Sad but true that we have been in a habit of disliking people very easily. “I just don’t like that guy or girl”, haven’t you oftently heard such statements around? Yes! You surely have heard. As per my observances, i have noticed that our youth easily develops negative views and sense of dislike for one another. We may or may not agree to this point but we surely have developed dislike for a newly met person, atleast once in our lives so far. Is it even good to do so? Considering someone bad after staying with them for just a couple of days or months… Is it all okay to do so? Surely not! And this is the reason why i planned to bring this neglected topic into limelight. 

Wonder what makes the youth to hate or dislike someone? Sense of dislike develops maybe because he/she isn’t as cool as you and your friends? Maybe because you go to class all dressed up and she comes simpler with tangled messy bun? Maybe because they smoke and you don’t? Maybe because they aren’t of the same cast as yours? Or simply because she/he doesn’t interact much with you and your friends? These reasons seem little but our youth has made them highly effectual and potent reasons to dislike someone. Trust me or not, this is actually what i have observed around. We may not accept someone little different around us, we may not like to hang out with someone who doen’t seem cool to us or who doesn’t dress up like us or we may not accept someone who would not support us while we do something wrong. And what would we do? We may simply and easily ”DISLIKE” one and say a big ”YES” when we’re asked the same question, “you don’t like him/her, right?” 

We need to think and make up our minds on the fact that people can be different and it’s okay… Totally okay to be ”different”. The youth needs to accept differences amongst each other and love others for showing us their ‘real-self’. Avoid the “i don’t like him/her” cycle. You or i can simply not dislike someone if they tend to be different on the basis of cast, creed and colour. If someone doesn’t speak as good as you do, accept them around you. If someone doesn’t dress-up like the way you do, accept them around you. If someone isn’t as good as you are, love them too. Learn to spread what you learn, learn to love the ‘different world’ around you. No one is perfect, no one can be perfect and nothing is perfect. It’s just about how you percept the world around you. We need to see the ‘beauty of differences’ around us and if we do that i’m sure this world can be way more beautiful place to live in, with no hatred and dislike.