”Oh, Do You Like Her?”

Your conversations with your best friend or maybe just a friend are probably one of the most interesting ones in which i would like to sneak in to. You two may have gossips about the most cunning girl in your class to the hottest guys around. Your conversations, atleast once, must have had a lilliputian statement, “ugh i don’t like him/her. Do you?” 
This is the commonest of questions that i have ever experienced with most of my friends. This question might just seem miniscule but has great worth in my perception as in its reply you actually give your views about somebody and sadly you might say that you ‘dislike‘ a person. Despite the fact that you may or even may NOT know that person very well.It’s all a game of prejudices that we play at an unconcious level. This question might be thrown-up on you at your university’s cafeteria while enjoying your meal to your university’s washroom (the place where most girls conduct their gossip sessions). Imagine fixing your make-up and all of a sudden your friend goes like, “i don’t like that girl, you don’t like her too, right? Right? Right? And than you should say “WRONG” but unfortunately that’s mostly not the case. 

The question that always arises in my mind is that “who” has given us the right to dislike someone, hate someone or disrespect someone? Sad but true that we have been in a habit of disliking people very easily. “I just don’t like that guy or girl”, haven’t you oftently heard such statements around? Yes! You surely have heard. As per my observances, i have noticed that our youth easily develops negative views and sense of dislike for one another. We may or may not agree to this point but we surely have developed dislike for a newly met person, atleast once in our lives so far. Is it even good to do so? Considering someone bad after staying with them for just a couple of days or months… Is it all okay to do so? Surely not! And this is the reason why i planned to bring this neglected topic into limelight. 

Wonder what makes the youth to hate or dislike someone? Sense of dislike develops maybe because he/she isn’t as cool as you and your friends? Maybe because you go to class all dressed up and she comes simpler with tangled messy bun? Maybe because they smoke and you don’t? Maybe because they aren’t of the same cast as yours? Or simply because she/he doesn’t interact much with you and your friends? These reasons seem little but our youth has made them highly effectual and potent reasons to dislike someone. Trust me or not, this is actually what i have observed around. We may not accept someone little different around us, we may not like to hang out with someone who doen’t seem cool to us or who doesn’t dress up like us or we may not accept someone who would not support us while we do something wrong. And what would we do? We may simply and easily ”DISLIKE” one and say a big ”YES” when we’re asked the same question, “you don’t like him/her, right?” 

We need to think and make up our minds on the fact that people can be different and it’s okay… Totally okay to be ”different”. The youth needs to accept differences amongst each other and love others for showing us their ‘real-self’. Avoid the “i don’t like him/her” cycle. You or i can simply not dislike someone if they tend to be different on the basis of cast, creed and colour. If someone doesn’t speak as good as you do, accept them around you. If someone doesn’t dress-up like the way you do, accept them around you. If someone isn’t as good as you are, love them too. Learn to spread what you learn, learn to love the ‘different world’ around you. No one is perfect, no one can be perfect and nothing is perfect. It’s just about how you percept the world around you. We need to see the ‘beauty of differences’ around us and if we do that i’m sure this world can be way more beautiful place to live in, with no hatred and dislike. 


14 thoughts on “”Oh, Do You Like Her?”

  1. Very ignored yet very commonly prevalent topic. People dont take it innuendos or sleazy so go about like this forming judgements and creating opinions. Very rightly put Afshan, great job!!

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  2. Very well written Afshan. Really impressed by your thoughts on such a topic. We don’t realise yet we’re the ones who throw judgements. Keep it up.

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  3. Afshan,
    I love the topic and how you expressed the idea!
    You’re right! It’s sad how people can get United “hating” someone else without enough knowledge of that person. Hatred is poisonous that only destroys the hater.

    Amazing topic! Nice blog! I’ll come back sometime later to read more!

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