The Perfect Picture.

‘The perfect man’ ,
‘the perfect girl’ ,
‘he/she is just made for me’ ,
‘here comes my dream girl’ or
‘there goes my prince charming’…

You’ve heard such utterances, no? If not in reality than in movies, right? You do scrutinize about a handful of things every night and these lines must have been a part of it atleast once so far. I was wondering about millions of such dialogues and planned to blog-up a few thoughts and reviews on how you and i imagine our perfect kindred soul mates (who may turn out to be the dopplegangers in our life sooner or later :p ).

They certainly may or may not be perfect but it’s just the beauty of love in your eyes that makes them strikingly dreamy, mythically magical and spellboundly mesmerizing. Isn’t it? Well stop blushing HA.HA

I initially wanted to write about how i wanted my prince charming to be (whose yet not seen in reality) but than i found it too cheesy to write an entire blog on my imaginations. Hence, I asked a few close friends about how they picturize their to-be life companions and here’s what i got to know:

1. ‘ i want him to be extremely caring. He should be taller than me’ .
You go girl! I hope you find your caring ladder very soon 😛 !

2. Here’s a small part of what a girl told me about her perfect imaginary soul mate: ‘He should be easy going, loyal, hardworking and determined.’
i asked her if she wants a guy or a ‘mazdoor’? Here’s what she said:
‘No man, hardworking as in self-made you know, i don’t want a richy rich who has never worked hard and is a lazy ass.’
Well, richy rich isn’t a bad option but i second you bestie!

status: single. VERY HARDWORKING.

3. ‘I want her to be mine only.’
Young man, sounds reasonable but don’t be insecure 😛


4. ‘I love food and she must be able to make good food.’
Let me tell tou Chef Rahat isn’t single, yet you can try!


5. ‘He should understand me. When i say ‘no’ , he should yet be able to find out if i’m thinking about a ‘yes’ for something. Just unspoken understanding, you know ?’
I know! Hope you find a guy who understands a silent radio, BOOM! #whysocomplicated?


6. The funniest moment when a guy goes like, ‘She must understand that i don’t like shopping and i can’t tolerate it.’
Well, rude but fair enough that if that’s the case, stay single Scooby! #noshoppingnogirl


7. ‘She must have green eyes’- A guy with a smile coming from the bottom of his heart. Amigo, i need to be Sherlock and find out who she is!

8. ‘He must sing for me’.

Hope you get your Pitbull soon. Xx


9. ‘He should keep a maid, a driver and a cook because i don’t like to work at all’. Girl, why the hell are you being burden on this Earth? #Likewhy?

when girls be like, “i’m a princess, i don’t work”

10. ‘He should know i like my stuff toys and i’m not leaving them even after marriage’. Well, did you ever take Mr.Bean into consideration? 🙈

11. ‘I’m obsessed with Arab guys! He should have those enchanting and charming Arab features.’

Let me blush on that note because that is none other than me hehe. AND that is just a single whimsical imagination from my long never-ending list.

Marhaba nisa! Wanna be my 7th wife?

You see how you and i are a part of ‘perfect imagination clan’ ? When you find your desired one, you may see him/her just as perfect as your imaginations. One may not be perfect for others, but for ‘you’ he/she may be the most perfect imaginary picture who turned out into reality, why? Because you will be ‘living’ your life perfectly with all the imperfections in each other. I haven’t fallen in love yet but i can assure that it is love when you see the perfect state of each imperfection and this applies to every single relation in this world. Relationships are beautified only when you accept their imperfections and love them as perfectly as possible.


9 thoughts on “The Perfect Picture.

  1. Omg! That’s beyond lovely❤❤😍.. It’s just soo nice reading your perfect guy imagination on number 1st,as i sound really dumb there. Lol. Anyways, good going bestie.. Just incase you forgot, lemme remind you, you’re gonna make a lovely author, i am gonna be your forever biggest and bitchiest fan 😝. Loveya! Stay blessed. And keep writting such wonderful blogs. 😘❤

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  2. I absolutely loved this. My friends always had requirements such as you stated and as did I. Being a tall girl I always wanted someone tall, with dark eyes and dark hair, a decent job would have been good too. Funny thing is this year marks 17 years with my husband, my love. When we met he was a pizza delivery driver with a bombed out car. He is 5″ shorter than me but does have dark hair and eyes. Turns out in life what you think you want is often not what you need to be absolutely happy.

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