Until we meet again…

You’re around me… but you’re yet so far away from me. 
Your voice is somewhere deep down the oceans. It’s echoing around me after reflecting back from the deepest of the seas. Still seems like i haven’t heard you for a century. 

And our heart wrecking memories … They are yet living in the ever-green forests. They aren’t blur, my friend. They seem like yesterday. But you know? They hurt. They shatter my soul into bits. The pain harrows around me. 

For months i was in distress. I was under the darkest clouds that came over after you went. I cried when your picture came infront of me, spoke to people whom you were close to, went to the places we sat together with all our friends. But it never … NEVER felt the same. We all ended up having quavering lips and a heavy heart.

The rain showers were no more the same… They didn’t even bring me back our favourite moonsoon songs, neither did the rainy morning break-fasts come back. 

Even the sunny days aren’t the same. Sunny days were good when there were you, me and badminton. The sunshine sparkled in my eyes with happiness when you were around. The same sunshine has now turned into scorching heat that hits my eyes… That hits my eyes to bring back the tears you never wanted to see. 

You made me your strong friend… You wanted to see me as a friend who doesn’t cries over her results, a friend that you always wanted to see happy with whatever she’s doing, a friend whom you wanted to see succeeding and winning. You wanted to see me fulfilling all my dreams and living every bit of my life with all the possible zeal and enthusiasm. You’re successful, my friend. You’re very successful. I’m living all of it now but never imagined it without you. 

I swear i miss you more than the extent i bugged you in school. There’s a lot to share, there’s a lot to command as your best friend and there’s a lot to fight over little things. But you aren’t there. My heart never agrees but i have to know that you won’t listen.

I didn’t even say a final good bye. You went, you left, you disappeared in a glance. The tear drops flow down my cheeks with glimpses of our precious memories, both being on my eyelids, always, when i think of you. 
You’re around me… but you’re yet so far away from me..
-In memories of my best friend who passed away. 
Note: this may be writers imagination or reality.


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