Am I Discussed?? 

‘What would they think?’

‘What will the people say?’ 

‘What if they find out i did this and that…’ 

‘What if they get to know i failed?’ 

‘What if they start thinking i’m a bad person?’ 

‘What if they say i’m a looser?’ 
‘WHAT IF’ … ‘WHAT IF’ …??? 

So many ‘what if’s’ in our life, isn’t it? Every night you scrutinize a couple of things and one of them is about what people around would think about you and what they talk about you. Statements above seem little, no? They aren’t little my friend, they aren’t little. Every day thousands of dreams die because of the statement ‘what would the people say’, every day millions of people are demotivated just because of the statement ‘what if they find out i failed?’, every day billions of hearts loose the power to love just because they might have heard the statement ‘people hate you’ or ‘they talk behind your back’. 

While talking to one of my friends last night i thought of a very important topic that is around us all the time and you or i probably have been a victim of it too. Here’s what my friend said, 

“Don’t worry about people who talk behind your back, they’re behind you for a reason. They do it because they are actually behind you”. 




At some point in life this topic has eaten up the peace of your mind like thermite-ic decay. Malicious statements from several people have stressed you out someday to a crucial extent. The questions that arise in my mind are that WHY does one become center of discussion for others? WHY do people discuss? WHY do they gossip and most importantly WHY does it effect us so much? 

When it comes to people… It’s simple to figure out that why do they do it. They do it because ‘they aren’t you’, ‘they can’t be you’ and because of another lucid logic that ‘they are ‘PEOPLE‘ and people are meant to talk’. It’s their job and they’re doing it! They find you important enough to be discussed. This does not only lowlight their inner sense of jealousy but also makes them spend time in a manner which makes them happy, gives them a reason to laugh and also makes it possible for them to spend time in some way. So if you are being discussed, BE HAPPY. You made someone feel good, you gave them a reason to spend time and you’re becoming popular in people HA.HA. 😈🎭. 

Gossipmongers may gossip about your life either because they aren’t satisfied with their own life or because they don’t have what you have. Sad but true, that this is how the universe works. You and i may be a part of such a clan? Maybe. 

best way to deal with gossipmongers: PLEASE IGNORE THEM.

Your life becomes topsy-turvy and even depressing when tittle-tattles from these scandalmongers begin to ‘hurt’ you. Sorrowful tid-bits and back bites about yourself do come in front of you, at times from your beloved ones and at times from people whom you barely know, yet they judge you… And that is the point which effects you. In return, either you stop dreaming, stop working for your aims, stop caring, stop loving or simply die deep down inside with your inner sorrows and hurtful feelings. 


It’s your job to screw those tattle-tales and dopplegangers out of your life. What people say should not make you feel like you’ve been loosing something, it should not distress you nor shall it make you feel that you are bad or you don’t deserve what you have got, just because people around aren’t happy with it. Time to stop ‘i listen to people‘ game. 


People who are being discussed or are being a victim of back-biting need to stay strong. They need to understand the fact that no matter how much they try, no matter how much efforts they put in, they can never .. NEVER ..  keep each and every person happy and satisfied around them. It’s true that ‘people’ do make stories and tales out of little things but honestly, THIS.IS.WHAT.PEOPLE.ARE.SUPPOSED.TO.DO. 

We need to understand that not everyone’s real and not everyone knows the worth of being real. Not everyone will support you in what you do and not everyone will be happy with your success. BITTER REALITY❓Yeah! All you need to do is to keep your life happy by knowing that you do have people by your side who support you and who don’t judge you on little things, be it your family or friends who may be less in quantity but better in quality. We need to keep our circles small and open up less to each being around us to save ourselves from all the tattle-tales and gossips that people may do behind our backs .

This world is a honey comb maze and people inside are the maze barriers. Listen to your heart, work according to your positive vibes and keep working for what you want to achieve. The day you start doing this, you will break all the barriers which are created by people from their spitefully poisonous talks. 



6 thoughts on “Am I Discussed?? 

  1. Love what you’ve written. I read it twice in one go. You’re so talented mashAllah. Keep it up. Oh and yes i do feel honoured about then fact that you mentioned that line. I didn’t know it would turn out to be such an interesting topic to read.

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