Anastasia Beverly Hills- Contour Cream Kit. 

Anastasia Beverly Hills- Certainly a brand which every girl would love to see on her dressing table. Can’t doubt that it makes my dresser more appealing and attractive for everyone who looks at it.. afterall it’s Anastasia Bruhh! 

From their brow gels to their contour kit, every product is considered ‘to die for’. Hence, a few months ago i tried an extremely demanding and popular product of this brand; ANASTASIA BEVERLY HILLS KIT DE CRÈMES CONTOUR. 

Let me first guide you about the shades it contains. 

Don’t mind my finger prints on the kit :p

So this black beauty (in light) contains six shades; banana, vanilla, cool pink, cream, nude and cinnamon. The review begins with an important point that banana, nude and cinnamon are the most useful shades of all.

I use the shade ‘banana’ above my concealer. I apply it underneath my eyes in triangular shape and than blend it with damp beauty blender. This gives an ‘awake’ and fresh look! 

The second best are cinnamon and nude which are my two most essential shades for contour. I personally do not prefer too brown or orange contouring, so i mix cinnamon and nude. It can even give a nice ‘non-tour’ or a less contour look. I prefer non-tour more than proper contouring therefore mixing these two shades is a must for me.

Coming to the shade ‘cream’. I honestly had no idea in the beginning about what i should be doing with this shade. So here’s a tip for you. Mix a bit of prep and prime or argan oil to this shade and your anastasia foundation is on the go! I mix my very favourite MAC fix plus with this shade and dab the mixture on my face. I do it only because this shade goes really well with my skin tone and i only do it when i’m in need of some extra coverage which i do not require on daily basis. So make sure this shade matches your skin tone and than try this if you’re high on make up any night. 

You can use ‘vanilla’ shade to mix with cinnamon. That’s one of my least used shades though. 

Than comes the shade ‘cool pink’. It works as a really nice and natural looking blush. Gives a pretty pink highlighted look to your cheeks and compliments the brown contour really well. You can even pump-up its colour by using a powder blush. I use the cool pink shade from the kit with MAC B55 in Melba (Matte). 

They aren’t as brown as they look in the picture!

This is all about the shades it contain and now comes the real review:

1. BLEND, BLEND, BLEND! This kit should be used by those who have extraordinary blending skills. For those who can not blend without removing the product from skin or those who do not have time to blend, must not play with the product. Instead of this, powder contour kit can be used. This kit is not easy to blend.

2. DOUBLE CHIN? If you have a double chin and you think this or any contour kit will make a difference, trust me IT WON’T. In this case, i consider contour more like a fantasy. 

3. USE SETTING POWDER. This kit needs a lot of setting powder on your face after use. Even for little nose contour, its not gonna work well without setting powder. I use ‘NYX set it & don’t fret it, Matte Finishing Powder’ and it works the best ever! 

4. MAKE IT MORE CREAMY. I don’t know why but i think it should be more creamier like the stick foundations they have. 

5. RATINGS? It’s OVER-RATED, i swear. 

6. PERFECT for professional use or best when you need heavy and prominent contour look.

7. NOSE: it does the best nose contour and that’s the reason why i love it even after a few flaws. 

8. STAY. Stays for 12 hours if you use it with setting powder. 

9. TOUCH-UP. Once done properly it doesn’t need frequent touch-ups. 

That’s how i found this product. I can’t deny that it feels a pleasure having it on my dressing table HA.HA. In the comments below, let me know what you feel about the review and this product!
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