The Naked Truth Behind Feminism


Sipping over my cup of coffee, I planned to pen down my pro-long thoughts! Running my fingers down through news feeds and social media, I can see women fulminating about how they want to emancipate themselves, how they ought to make a difference, how all the women around need to be a MAN of their own kind and yet to be called “The Mighty Women”, “The IT girl” or “The Women of Substance”! Well, there’s nothing bad about it. But what’s immensely crippling about this is the matter of fact that how the fight for “Feminism” has been taken up to a level of slogans and banners! At this stage you must be having line of thoughts like, “banners? And crippling? HOW?”-I’ll give you my juvenile philosophy on this, right here!

It was all rainbows and butterflies for me until the topsy-turvy feminism of our country was taken down to banners and screams on the top of their throats saying, “Khana khud garam kar lo” (warm your food yourself). The statement seems miniscule but it doesn’t stay that way when intellectual ladies of today’s era perceive it as the Fourth Wave of Feminism, as a precedent of Women Empowerment or portraying household chores such as cooking or heating up food as something subservient (What.a.puffery, istg!). I know, at this point a lot of feminists would bash over… probably shut the blog and continue pulling up the same banners but oh well, I’d still write my heart out. I can’t convince everyone but I can somehow manage to prove that why the “khana khud garam kar lo” campaigns will remain as a hot-topic on social media for people to hit likes and for feminists to feel good O.N.L.Y!

I skimmed through tonnes of journals and books on what is feminism in reality, read views on equality v/s equity and after going nuts to find male authors talking about feminism, there was nothing that still made me feel like holding a banner saying, “khana khud garam kar lo”. That’s because the real essence of feminism is about demanding basic rights for every women. If you’re a feminist, did you ever wonder of campaigns like “educate every girl”, “we stand against killing infant girls”, “we stand against wage discrimination”, “let women vote”… but I’m sure this barely got hyped-up on social media.

Drifting towards how I justify the articulation above; I merely know how profound I could be in this world of renowned feminists but i can surely spawn to agglomerate my infant thoughts for you all. Did you guess where we lack when talking about feminism?  We lack in practicality… we lack in implementation!

It’s true that in menial societies like ours, women are beaten up for food and domestic violence has become run-on-the-mill. Proclaiming ourselves as feminists is pretty orthodoxical and holding a couple of catchy banners won’t make a difference for even a single women whose a victim of what we’re tryna fix! Tell me if these feminists out here on the streets holding “khana khud garam kar lo” ever went to a government school to teach a girl, rather than making the nation realize that a man should warm his food himself? Tell me if these women haven’t seen their happy mom warming-up the food for their dad who came late from work? OR tell me that these feminists won’t do it for their husband, out of love and care? Wouldn’t they? My dear feminist fellows, justify these banners only when you think that the unconditional care to serve a man with food doesn’t come under your own umbrella’s too and justify them when you’re the one getting bread and butter for the family, while the man is than obliged to cook n serve! Why don’t you go and earn for your lavish salon expenses yourselves? Why don’t you work your ass off for those #shoptillyoudrop hashtags that you put up on social media? If you actually wish to represent the women who go through domestic violence for the sake of food, DO SOMETHING PRACTICAL and be the women who improves another women.

While authors like Nancy Julia say that biology is also a social construct, I firmly believe that women are biologically different; no theories or forces in this world can actually finish the difference in the XX chromosomes of a women and XY chromosome of a man! Though, comparing men and women is like comparing apples and oranges but we need to be a little lionhearted to accept that men are  methodical while women are biologically more nurturing and emotional, thus it’s unfair to lionize a women on the fact that her tasks are a so-called SOCIAL CONSTRUCT! Their tasks are on the basis of traits they have got! It doesn’t mean that women won’t fit into the career related tasks but men are more stable and sceptical to deal with every day work hogwash rather than cooking in the house on daily basis, SIMPLE.AS.THAT!

For those who say there are no differences between a man and women and all the differences that we have are social constructs; here’s a thing! God has created this universe in a balance and demanding to finish the differences is like trying to disrupt the balance! We’re in this world for specific purposes; our roles are understood and pre-defined like they were for the women in the history! There are women who have had a career and yet managed to prepare a meal for their family… and guess what? This has never hurt a women’s ego or fed a man’s ego!

YES! We’re the multi-talented queens of this era BUT surely not a MAN! Rather than being “as good as a man”, let’s be a women who can be set apart as a role model. Be it male or female, we all need love, respect and equity in return of what we’re meant to do. We, as women need to valorise our status by making other women grow in practical ways (not by holding futile banners). If we do so, we’ll celebrate success of millions of women who do not only take responsibility of putting meals for their family on the table, proudly but will also help the men in their life to grow and love unconditionally! And that’s when they’ll deserve to be called the WOMEN OF SUBSTANCE.

After all what I have said, you must be wondering that I’m not a feminist… some might say I’m a partial feminist. But there’s one thing that I have learned from one of the mentors in my life; unfortunately, the problem in this world is the “IST”- Communist, Socialist, Capitalist, Islamist, Sexist or Feminist! Rather than the IST’s if we could just be HUMANS who could love, respect and care unconditionally regardless of factors like gender, this world can surely be a peaceful place to live in, where differences on’t matter and where every human will be happy with his/her roles! Thus, I am just a human, striving in this world to be a better person!

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One thought on “The Naked Truth Behind Feminism

  1. Hats off to your thought. There has to be a change in the society now. Sticking to those lame old thoughts will never let the people around us move further. Raising such banners will not help we should look into our ownselves where do we actually stand and then talk about this “khanakhudgaramkrlo” type of shit.

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