FEAR? You’re damn well familiar with this panic filled emotion. You know how your heart ponders and yours words quaver in certain fearful situations. It’s all the fear that you have groaning inside yourself. This word seems minuscule… something very minute but it’s not. It has huge impacts on our lives and has been affecting millions of people, mentally and physically across the globe.

Fear is a primitive human emotion and a vital response concerned with our everyday life. The biochemical impacts of it are universal, however, the behavioural aspects or anxieties related to fear may vary from one individual to another. What makes fear a great concern are the responses that are followed with it. From huge psychological impacts to howling emotional affects, fear has massive influence on us.

Why do we have fears, is still a matter of great concern. Psychologists relate traumas and personal experiences as causative agents of fear. These fears may be as little as that from insects and as big as that from public appearances. The extent of fears may be such that we may fear situations that are far from our life or death, as a result of which, we may end up hanging back from a lot of choices that we would have made if those fears didn’t exist.

We’re fond of hiding our fear, anxieties and phobias. We’re recommended to keep our fears hidden, regardless of how suffocating it could be to live with them! It wouldn’t be an awry to mention that in a world like todays, we’re often prescribed to hide our fears… but we’re never taught to kill them, to bury them, to expose them and to get over them! And that is what could make the vicious cycle of fears even more potent to agitate you… you keep them, hide them and live with them!

Today, I take this brave step to mention my fears because I’ve either survived through them, I’ve learned to make use of them or they no longer exist in my life. Here it is…



This might sound something infinitesimal to you but trust me it’s a very powerful thing. You fear losing people when you love them, when they have a part of you and you get so used to of their existence that you can barely imagine them being away. This fear is potent enough to immobilize you… But all you need to remember is the fact that fear is immobilizing BUT love is energizing. Know that you’re not losing people who are energized by your love and affection… You’re not losing people who try to bring a spell of harmony and joy in your life. Remember that those are the people to keep. Believe on those people… believe on your love or efforts and get past your fear of losing them. Be sure about the fact that time would eventually filter away only those people who weren’t worthy enough for you to keep.




At some stage in life, I have realized that the things I have feared the most with respect to failures, become the ones that I would take as challenges. I would enjoy them to the max, then create a milestone of passing them with flying colours and thank my fear for making me go an extra mile to achieve something! For people who might have this fear, I would say take things as a challenge… worry less about if you CAN or CANNOT DO it because you should simply not give such an option to yourself which consists of a “CANNOT”. You can and you will, once you know this either you get over your fear or this fear’s gonna make you do wonders at every step since you’d put in more efforts than usual!


download (1)

(let me laugh a little on it but oh well it exists). For people who have a fear like this, I would say, trust your intuition because there’s nothing more worthy than your intuition. Make your decisions based on how a person can make you feel and select someone who can make the moments feel evergreen!



I don’t, but many people out there do have this fear! Those who are a victim of this fear might try to convince people. They would gradually start to live their lives in someone else’s way and end up with a topsy-turvy mess out of life. Just commemorate on the fact that when you convince people, you’re at a chance of losing your own identity. There’s nothing more precious for a person than maintaining his/her aura of being REAL and authentic in a distinct way. Believe in what you do, have faith in your plans… in your dreams and wait for the magic to happen. If you do so, I’m sure that judgemental remarks won’t make a difference in your life.

Concluding that tad-bit I got on your way about fears, I would just like to utter that fears are a natural part of your life. It’s okay to have fears, it’s okay to feel that you just want to get away from certain situations… because it’s so natural, right? There’s no unusual muddle about having fears because at the end it’s all about how much you believe on yourself, how willing you are to learn to get over your fears and how you wish to find paths to move on for yourself. This world is too beautiful for you to confine yourself up to certain boundaries and you’ll be successfully living in this beautiful world if you find roadways to drive through the avenues of fear!


-Afshan Farooq



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